About Us

Toronto Plumbing Service Inc., is a multi-dimensional company providing design, construction, administration, and maintenance service for plumbing and H.V.A.C. services.

For the past ten years, we at Toronto Plumbing Service Inc. have built an excellent reputation on our ability to communicate with our clients and undertake complex projects, managing them effectively within required deadlines and budgets. Our projects range from new construction to leasehold improvements to contractual service for plumbing and H.V.A.C.

We approach each project with a clear understanding of the requirements and objectives of our client. Some of the key elements of our contract administration and project delivery are:

Effective communication, ensuring all issues are handled immediately and that all project stakeholders are informed of project requirements and decisions;


  1. Assist with ongoing re-definition of project specific objectives and promote overall client and project goals;
  2. Our staff take a hands on approach to all aspects of the project with extra attention to detail and the ability to react to unforeseen site conditions;
  3. Proven ability in dealing with client issues, project logistics and tight time frames;
  4. Ability to monitor and achieve a top quality project under pressure of phased implementation within occupied areas;
  5. Ability to organize project information efficiently so that accurate information is available as early as possible;
  6. Pre-qualify consultants, sub-trades, and suppliers as requested and/or required by our client;
  7. Expedite completion of deficiencies and provide the client with complete maintenance manuals and training if required in order to minimize disruption to staff;
  8. Provide input to all consultants, architects, and engineers to facilitate a comprehensive assessment of the completed project, as and when required.

These elements coupled with our highly qualified project managers, trades people, technicians, and sub-contractors ensures that you the client receive the ultimate in quality of service and value from Toronto Plumbing Service Inc.

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